We have many years experience in the building profession and have expert knowledge in the installation of bathroom and kitchen suites including plumbing and under floor heating. We can also organise collection of tiles and help with advice on adhesives, grout, sealants and accessories

Tile cutting

Many people are trying their hand at home tiling but with many of the tiles now on the market including natural stone tiles and porcelain, they can be very tricky to cut unless the right tools are used. B.C Tiling has the best wet cutting tools available and can provide beautiful clean straight cuts and shapes.

Hole Drilling

Drilling holes in tiles can be a difficult and expensive task, and after spending a small fortune on your tiles you will want the best results when it comes to drilling holes for pipes, or to attach soap dishes, toilet roll holders, shower screens etc. Cutting holes in porcelain, an increasingly popular tile, is particularly difficult as it is usually harder than any other tile, even than some granite.


Grout comes in many differnt colours and textures. We take great care to make sure your grout lines are even and smooth.

It is very important to select the right grout for your job as inferior or wrongly selected grout can cause cracking, causing water ingress and grout to fall out of the tile joints. Where possible a fully flexible grout is advised and with anti bacterial properties if to be used in a bathroom/shower room. We can advise on the best grout for your project.


We can offer you discounts on tiles at C.T.D Tiles, Topps tiles, Collinsons tiles and Tile Giant.

Feel free to contact us with your queries and we will give you our expert knowledge. Please phone or contact BC Bristol Tiling to discuss your requirements.